Outdoor use
  • UFO LED highbay light 150w 200w 250w 300w 350w big heatsink
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  • Working voltage:
  • Working temperature:
  • Power:
LUMILEDS LED, high luminous efficiency and long working life.
High efficiency LED Driver, the wide range input voltage AC120-277V;
Magnesium alloy cooling design, better cooling, light in weight, LED Tj < 85℃.
Excellent lampshade design, greatly improve the light utilization and evenness.

UFO LED High Bay Lighting series can be widely used in outdoor, indoor or outdoor lighting(Wet
location), like mechanical or electronic processing workshops, storage warehouses, steel mills, gas
stations, toll booth, waiting rooms, the platforms of railway station , indoor stadiums and flower
cultivating tents etc.

Shell materials: Magnesium Alloy.Big heatsink,make the LED temperature low and Run stable
 Color: Black
 Net weight:6Kg(use more material to do more better heatsink)